Death In Them Thar Hills

This special 1880s murder mystery takes place near the Grand Canyon where prospector and gold mine owner "Dusty" Jones is being honored by the residents of Cactus Gulch. Jones had arrived in town five years before, flat broke and relying upon the generosity of local residents to help him get by. Today, he is the sole owner of the TAqIlA mine (He named it after his favorite drink, but Dusty never could spell).

Key citizens of Cactus Gulch have assembled to honor Dusty. Each one rises to say a few words about him and his contributions to the community. Then, it's Dusty's turn. After speaking his mind, Dusty raises a glass of Gila Gold, his favorite brand of tequila. He sits down and, a few minutes later, slumps over in his chair - dead.

The marshal then takes charge of the investigation as the suspects are interrogated. Additional clues and key information are revealed as everyone is asked to figure out who killed Dusty Jones.