Open Auditions

All My Sons

Sun., January 21 at 6 pm & Mon., January 22 at 7pm
Arthur Miller’s

All My Sons

Directed by Michael Pevzner

Parts for 5 men (late 20‘s-60‘s), 1 boy; 4 women (20‘s-60‘s)

Performances:  Three weekends, April 13 -28

Come either night; no appointment necessary.  Auditions consist of readings from the script: Short dramatic monologue welcome, but not required. Interested but cannot make auditions dates?  Questions? E-mail; phone 781-910-2938



Joe Keller: 60-ish; stolid mind & build, a business man for many years with a working man’s outlook and view of the world. rough-hewn.

Kate Keller: 50‘s; solid wife and mother; a woman of uncontrolled inspirations.

Chris Keller: 30-ish; the solid and devoted son.

Ann Deever: mid-20‘s; attractive; intelligent; gentle.

George Deever: 30-ish; a man brought to the edge of his self-restraint.

Jim Bayliss: 30‘s/40‘s; Neighbor of the Kellers a doctor unhappy with the course of his life.

Sue Bayliss: 30‘s/40‘s; Not a particularly happy person.

Frank Lubey: 30‘s; another neighbor of the Keller’s: a nice guy.

Lydia Lubey; late 20‘s/30‘s; cheerful; happy-go-lucky.

Bert: 8-11 yrs old; A lively neighbor boy.



NRP's Rehearsal Space,
11B (basement)
North Main St. (Rt. 105),
Middleboro, MA.
Minutes from Rts. 24, 495, 44.