Open Auditions

Open Auditions for Living Together!

Nemasket River Productions


LIVING TOGETHER, A Comedy in Two Acts

by Alan Ayckbourne • Directed by Bob Gillet

Monday, August 14, 7:30 to 9:00 P.M. • Tuesday, August 15, 7:30 to 9 P.M.
or by appointment, call the director at 508-567-5499 or 508-536-8796

Auditions at NRP's Rehearsal Space, 11B (basement)
North Main St. (Rt. 105), Middleboro, MA.
Minutes from Rts. 24, 495, 44

SHOW DATES: October, 20, 21, 22, 28, 29, Nov. 2 and 3


Living Together is one of three plays in Alan Ayckbourn's "trilogy", The Norman Conquests. All three plays (Table Manners, Living Together, and 'Round and 'Round the Garden) take place simultaneously - when one character leaves, say, the dining room setting of Table Manners, he/she walks into the garden or living room locations of the other plays and the action continues

Briefly, the story centers on an extended family of two sisters and an older brother and their mates. Annie, the youngest of the three, still lives at home tending to an elderly, bedridden mother we never see.

The action begins when Sarah and Reg (Annie's brother) arrive to give Annie the chance to escape for the weekend for a long-needed rest. Fireworks begin almost immediately when Annie tells Sarah she is going away with her sister's husband, Norman. That pretty much sets the tone for the evening: an extended family whose members simultaneously despises each other and can't get enough of each other. The central figure is Norman, who needs desperately to be needed—by anyone. It's almost hard to blame him, too, once you meet his wife, Ruth, a career-obsessed woman with little apparent need for Norman. Rounding out the cast is Tom; the veterinarian neighbor whom everyone assumes is courting Annie (including, to some degree, Tom and Annie, even though the two haven't ever declared it or acted on it).

Auditions will primarily be readings from the script.  All other parts are cast.  

30 to 40, middle child in the family, Ruth is a very successful businesswoman who is also vain enough to refuse to wear glasses because she thinks they are unattractive on her. She is married to Norman, but he is clearly a low priority in her life. Her presence is the cause of static electricity on the set --- hostile, myopic, confrontational Ruth.

30 to 45, a lovable loser - an scruffy-bearded assistant librarian who can't get ahead - who is desperate to love and be loved, and who really loves women (all women). It is his misfortune not to have been born handsome or rich, as he believes he should have been. Norman is alternately endearing and annoying to all the women in the play as well as to the men. Norman is a flirt but not really a cad.


NRP's Rehearsal Space,
11B (basement)
North Main St. (Rt. 105),
Middleboro, MA.
Minutes from Rts. 24, 495, 44.