Past Seasons – 2012-2001


by Ira Levin
Directed by Frank Moffet
October 12,13,14, 19, 20, 26.27
The Alley Theatre
Starring: Jeffrey Phillips, Dan Kirichok,
Erin Stulbs, Jane Cartier, Jim Merlin

"Picasso at the Lapin Agile"
by Steve Martin
Directed by Eric Henderson
Oak Point Clubhouse Theatre July 27,28, 29
The Alley Theatre, August 3,4,10,11
Starring: Joe LaGreca, Eric Henderson, Danielle Murphy,
Karin Page Henderson, Richard Bois, Michael Racette,
Ryan Racette Jane Cartier, Richie Shea

"Evil on the Beach"
A Murder Mystery Dinner Event
at The Riverside Restaurant
Saturday, June 9th, 7pm
Featuring: Rolly Blanchette, Michael Damiano, Paul Kandarian,
Joe LaGreca, Liz Meyers, Merrie Mizaras, Alison Porter, Max Verga

"Over The River And Through The Woods"
by Joe Dipietro
Directed by Mike Pezner
The Alley Theatre
April 20, 21,22, 27, 28, May 4,5
Opening Night Performer: Angela Kronillis
Starring: Joe LaGreca, Beth Morrell, Alberto Rizzotti,
Jane Cartier, Rolly Blanchette, Monica Saviolakis


by Harold Pinter
Directed by Anne Gardiner
The Alley Theatre
October 14,15,21,22, 28,29
Opening Night Performers: Maria Gonsalves & Jim Jordon
Starring: Paul Kandarian, Lisa C. Driscoll, Ron Lacey, Joe Nelson

"Dorothy Parker on Love"
Directed & adapted for the stage by Pamela Lambert
The Alley Theatre & Oak Point Clubhouse Theater
July 22,23,29,30 August 5,6,7
Opening Night Featured Performers:
Angela Harrington accompanied by Mary Anderson
Starring: Richard Bois, Bern Budd, Jean Trotta Cohen, Victoria Cornell,
Jackie Davis, Faith Lambert, Bianca Thompson, Colin Turtle,
Stephanie Wells, Roderick Wilmore

"Murder on the Petulant Express"
May 21, 2011 ~ 9th AnnualFundraiser
Mistery Dinner Theatre
Riverside Restaurant
Middleboro, MA

"Last of the Red Hot Lovers"
by Neil Simon
The Alley Theatre
Weekends April 1st through April 15th
Directed by Mike Pevzner
Starring: David Giagrando, Linda Monchik,
Sarah Wall, Jean Trotta Cohen
Photos by Karen Foye and Cinthia Walsh


A Parable by John Patrick Shanley
The Alley Theater
Weekends October 8th - 23rd
Directed by Pamela Lambert
Starring: Steve Shannon, Linda Monchik,
Kathleen Suwalski, Jeannette Lake Jackson
Featuring: Kaelin Andrews, Lee Goff, Cassie Jordon, Jake Kaufman
Opening Night Singers: The Mayflower Camerata
Holly Leach, Ellie Osborne, Fred & Sylvia Thorton

"Lend Me A Tenor"
by Ken Ludwig
Oak Point Clubhouse Theatre
July 29th thru August 1st
Directed by Eric Henderson
Starring: Jane Cartier, Rick Chason, Michael Damiano, David Giagrando,
Stacey Kendro, Brian W. Kenerson, Allison Porter, Sheila Umano

"The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Goes to Myrtle Beach"
Summer Benefit - Sunday, June 27th from 3-7 pm
The Barrows Estate
46 South Main Street, Middleboro

"The Dixie Swim Club"
Jones ~ Hope ~ Wooten
Weekends April 16 - May 1
Directed by Michael Pevzner
Opening Night Performers: "Eight to the Bar"
Starring: Jane Cartier, Alison Hutchinson,
Karen Lehan, Merrie Mizaras, Beth Morell

Sunday Night at the Black Box
Three One Acts by Barry, Chekov, Wooten
Town Hall Black Box Theatre
April 18th & April 25th
Reasonable Circulation - by P. J. Barry
Maryanna Devlin, Sarah Wall, Pamela Lambert, Joe LaGreca, Bern Budd
The Role of Della - by John J. Wooten
Christine Wolfskehl, Erin Draper, Sarah Angley
The Boor - by Anton Chekhov
Bruce Wilson, Stephanie Wells, Jeff Gill


by Neil Simon
Weekends October 9th - 24th
Directed by John Beausoleil
Opening Night Performer: Tom Irving
Starring: Lisa Beausoleil, Andy Riel, Victoria Bond,
Michael McAdam, Jennifer Duval White, Evan James,
Patti Hathaway, Omer Courcy, Tom White, Linda Merritt

"Dancing Under the Stars"
Friday, September 4th - Full Moon
with special thanks to
Oak Point
for hosting this Gala
Featuring "OverTime"
Argentina Tango Exhibition
Tracey Miller & Erik Lindgren
Silent Auction

"Beyond Therapy"
by Christopher Durang
July 30, 31, August 1,2
Oak Point Clubhouse Theatre
Directed by Eric Henderson
Starring: Stephanie Gallagher, Michael McAdam,
Michael Pevzner, Lisa Beausoleil, Max Verga & Richard Bois

"The Women"
by Clare Boothe Luce
Weekends April 10th - 25th
Directed by Matthew Bruffee
Opening Night Piano: Pam McAfee
Starring: Stephanie Gallagher, Michael McAdam, Victoria Bond, Jennifer White,
Jeannette Lake Jackson, Lisa Caron Driscoll, Erin Draper, Chris Bailey, Merrie Mizaras, Linda Bardwell,
Kathy Bourne, Linda Merritt, Madeline White, Cassie Jordon, Christina Abboud,
Angela Harrington, Kacie Dietrick, Ursula Nowick, Jordan Jagolinzer Machado, Mary Cole

"6 Girlz 6 Reunion Show"
March 27 - Fundraiser
Randolph Country Club, Randolph, MA


"Jake's Women"
by Neil Simon
Weekends October 10th-25th
Directed by Eric Henderson
Opening Night Reception Pianist: Johnny Selzer
Robert Duquette, Victoria Bond, Chris Bailey,
Angela Harrington, Christina Abboud, Linda Monchik,
Lisa Caron Driscoll, Kathleen McGovern

"Miss Firecracker Contest"
by Beth Henly
August 1-9 weekends
Director: Matthew Bruffee
Featuring: Rebecca Fish, Casey Preston, Karen Lehan
Katie St. Pierre, Payton St. James, Elliott Levy

"Lovers & Other Strangers"
April 11-26 weekends
by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna
Director: Michael Pevzner
70's piano by Mary Gummoe
Featuring: Sarah Angley, Stephen Benjamin, Rolly Blanchette, Scott Finnegan
Ed Krasnow, Linda Monchik, Kristin Shoaf, Kevin Thompson, Stacy Yannetty

March Mardi Gras Madness ~ Fundraiser
March 8, 2008 - Mayflower Masonic Lodge
Dancing to "The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble"


Annual Meeting & Holiday Party
December 2nd
Hosted by: Dennis Samson

"Wait Until Dark"
October 12,13,19,20,26,27
Director: John Beausoleil
Lisa Beausoleil, Andy Riel, Evan James, Matt Boyle, Mary Cole,
Adlie Morse, Omer Courcy, Jerry Morse

6th Annual Sponsor's Night
July 21, 2007 - A Broadway Review from
"The Great American Songbook"
Dinner and Silent Auction
"A Tribute to American Musical Theatre" conceived by
Lisa Beausoleil &Patti Hathaway
and performed along with Natalie West, Evan James

"Breaking Legs"
April 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28
Director: Michael Pevzner
Sarah Angley, Rolly Blanchette, Omer Courcy, Evan James,
Jerry Morse, Kevin Thompson


Annual Meeting & Holiday Party
December 12, 2006
Hosted by: Dennis Samson

"Laughter On The 23rd Floor"
Middleboro Town Hall, April 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22
A comedy by Neil Simon
Director: Bill Begley
Omer Courcy, Bill Purcell, Brad Blake, Allen Gove, Matthew Boyle,
Andy Desrosiers, Michael Pevzner, Amanda Ambrose, Lisa Beausoleil

5th Annual Sponsors' Night
July 29, Fireside Grille, Middleboro
Featured Performers: Erik Lindgren and Naheem
"Words by Ogden Nash, Music by Erik Lindgren"
Silent Auction

"'night Mother"
by Marsha Norman
Middleborough Town Hall
October 13,14,20,21,27,28
Director: John Folan
Linda Monchik & Martianne Stanger


"Murder at Howard Johnson's"
Collaboration with TOPS
VFW Hall April 8,9,15,16
Director: Peg Holzemer
Omer Courcy, Merrie Mizaras, Robert Duquette

"The Belle of Amherst" ~ Fundraiser
July 23rd Fireside Grille
Starring: Linda Monchik
"New Voices Poetry" Jay Ben Markson,
Andrew Vincent, Brittany Gray
Chamber opera by Eva Kendrick
Performed by: Laura Marshall, Jaqueline Goldgorin,
Athan Matalos, Michelle Vachon

"Run for your Wife"
October 14,15,21,22,28,29 Town Hall
Director: John Beausoleil
Lisa Beausoleil, Evan James, Elena Murphy,
Jerry Morse, Paul Silveira, Jeff Washburn, Brandin Barber


"The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)"
April 16,17,23,24,30, May 1st
Director: Bill Begley
Omer Courcy, Evan James, Brandin Barber

"Love Letters" ~ Fundraiser
July 23rd, Fireside Grille
Director: John Folan
Linda Monchik, Bill Begley

"Death Defying Acts"
October 15,16,22,23,29,30
Director: Bill Begley
Billy Purcell, Evan James, Lisa Beausoliel, Brandin Barber,
Linda Bardwell, Merrie Mizaras, Holly Olsson


April 18,19,25,26,May 2&3
Director: Victor Warren
Omer Courcy, Lisa Beausoleil, Merrie Mizaras, Billy Purcell

"All in the Timing"
July 10,11,17,18,19
Director: Peg Holzemer
Mandy Bois, Jacqueline Blair Carota, Robert Duquette,
Robert Ewell, Evan James, Merrie Mizaras, Jerry Morse, Elena Murphy

"The Lion in Winter"
October 31, November 1,7,8,28,29
Director: Dennis Samson
Bill Begley, Merrie Mizaras, Bill Miller, Ed Medeiros,
Gregg Webber, Mandy Bois, Brandin Barber, Evan James
(Encore Performance)


The Black & White Theatre

"The Boys Next Door"
April 19,20,26,27, May 3&4
Director: Dorothy Boroush
Tom Sypek, Stephen Holda, Tom White, Jerry Morse,
J. Wylie Allen, Ed Medeiros, Derel Lee Twombly, Sarah Hale

"The Glass Menagerie"
July 12,13,19,20,21,26,27
Director: Robert Duquette
Linda Monchik, Dennis Ryan, Jr., Lisa Beausoliel, Evan James

October 11,12,17,18,26,26
Director: John Folan
Scott Cloonan, Linda Monchik

Final Reception at Black & White Theatre


Casablanca ~Fundraiser
Dance & Auction Feb. 10
Black & White Theatre

"Moon Over Buffalo"
April 20,21,27,28,May 4,5
Director: Eric Henderson
Omer Courcy, Merrie Mizaras, Karin Page, Jerry Morse,
Linda Viera, Dr. Roger Allen

"Blithe Spirit"
July 19,20,21,26,27,28
Director: Peg Holzemer
Robert Duquette, Linda Monchik, Kristina Dahlene,
Dorothy Boroush, Thomas Sypek, Ellen Grant, Jacqueline Carota

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
October 12,13,19,20,26,27
Directors: Tom Sypek, John Folan
Robert Duquette, Merrie Mizaras, Chuck Bloom, Dennis Ryan, Jr.,
William Purcell, Stephen Holda,Tom White, Jerrry Morse,
Lillie LeBlanc, Jim Norris, Michael Steers, Eric Ericson,
Stephen Gaul, Melissa Scarry, Sharon Glazier